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Car rental for business Smoothly, without jamming.

Long-term car rental, short-term car rental, reasonable price offer, just what you need for your car.

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    Why choose car rental with "number one car rental"

    To enhance the efficiency of management services

    • Control the vehicle cost budget
    • Reduces administrative work, time and related expenses
    • Increase investment in the business without the need to invest in the vehicle.
    • There is a fixed maintenance slip, so it is safe to drive.

    To reduce the risk and accounting burden

    • It does not affect the balance sheet, both assets and liabilities.
    • Reduce the risk and uncertainty of vehicle maintenance
    • Deducted as the maximum net profit of 36,000 baht / month
    • In case of maintenance fee, it can be deducted as the cost.
    • Increase the proportion of cash on hand
    • No need to save interest like leasing.
    • No down payment.

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